"Thou Shalt Not Covet" 

RevulsA announces their latest single “Thou Shalt Not Covet” which premieres this week on Spotify. 

You can stream all of RevulsA's music and the new single as soon as it's available by following RevulsA here on Spotify!


World Premiere of "Creep" MIDNIGHT 


Less than 1... 

Midnight. YouTube. Be there. 

Horror Film Roulette doors open at 5.30 at Emagine Royal Oak for those with live tickets. Parking is free on the streets as it is Sunday. HFR is working on getting vouchers for parking in the neighboring parking structure. Seats are first come first serve. We hope to see everybody there safe and sound so drive safely, love one another, and be courteous. 

For everybody else video goes live on YouTube at midnight for your absolute viewing pleasure. 

From the band to all of you out there, 

Have a FRIGHTFUL Halloween!! *Insert Vincent Price Thriller laugh here* 

- RevulsA

World Premiere of "Creep" Official Music Video  

RevulsA is thrilled to announce that the official music video for "Creep" will be premiering at Horror Film Roulette at Emagine Theater in Royal Oak, Michigan on October 23rd, 2022.  Horror Film Roulette is an annual horror film competition based in Metro Detroit. Filmmakers have four (4) weeks to create a five-minute horror film that will be entered into a contest.  If you love horror films and want to support independent filmmaking and filmmakers, tickets are $20 and available here.  

For all the lovely members of the Rtourage around the world that are either too far away to make the debut or can't make it, "Creep" will go live on YouTube at midnight October 24th for your complete and repeatable viewing pleasure...

...without any streetlights on.  

- RevulsA 

Like the Real Girls: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Remastered  

RevulsA is proud to announce the upcoming release of a remastered Like the Real Girls to commemorate its 10th anniversary this month.  The remastered deluxe version features the original 4 tracks of Like the Real Girls digitally remastered plus remastered versions of "Rainy Day Man" and "Rings of Saturn (Unplugged)".   Like the Real Girls: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Remastered will be available exclusively on Spotify on September 14th, 2022.  


1. Rainy Day Man [Heyward, Blaisch, Benghiat] 3.15
2. Mary Annette [McLain] 1.52
3. Skylark [Kupski] 7.20
4. Court Jester [McLain] 5.28
5. Rings of Saturn (Unplugged) [Kupski] 4.21
6. Rooftop [McClelland] 5.16

Genius is Live!  

RevulsA is excited to be officially be up and running on Genius with their entire 10 year catalogue!  Come follow for exclusive content coming this year on Genius as well as easy streaming of the band's music and for lyrics, behind the songs info, and cool new features!  

That's A Wrap!  

2021 is almost history!  We hope you join us in 2022 for what's going to be a big brand new year for us with new music and new content!   

Happy New Year!  

Thank You For A Great Year! 

It's been a great year folks and we want to take a minute to send you all a very heartfelt thank you for making 2021 one for the books.  21,000 streams, nearly 14,000 listeners, 88 countries, over 500 of you added us to your playlists, and best of all, being able to hear from so many of you what these songs have meant to you.  It is the greatest privilege for us as musicians to have the opportunity to entertain you and there is no greater compliment than being a part of your busy day and lives.  Thank you all!  Good night!  

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