Somnolence & Dissonance Available Now

It's release day which means Somnolence & Dissonance is now available digitally through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, & CD Baby!  

You can also follow RevulsA on Spotify & stream the album.  


RevulsA's debut full length album, "Somnolence & Dissonance", is a deep, expansive, and well-timed melodic shot in the arm for what has become a stale modern music scene of monkey-see, monkey-do entertainers. RevulsA (portrayed by award-winning & classically trained vocalist Ashley McLain) and guitarist Joe Kupski hunkered down in a suburban Detroit studio for nearly 3 years creating what would become this 11-song behemoth of a record.

For a fifty-six minute (pretty long by today's standards) album, "S&D" is remarkably well paced. Nothing drags. Nothing drones. No real hum drum. No real filler. Every song manages to stand alone yet sound like it belongs exactly where it is. RevulsA manages to bend and shift between genres comfortably without sounding out of place or coerced. McLain's smooth vocal delivery is never forced nor overtly melodramatic, as she sounds just as at home belting the cacophonous headbanger "Hierarchy" as she does crooning the salt-water soaked "Moon Tide". "Digital Fine" & "Why I'm Nothing (Without You)" bump in all the right places. "Good Things, Bad Things" is a delightful ride through the Mojave in a vintage El Camino, driven by Carlos Santana with Motown blasting from the 8-track player. "Pleasure Island" is downright groovy fun. RevulsA even manages to pull off a nine-minute long rock opera, "Envious Mess", with all the right bombast, and absolutely no Meat Loaf aftertaste. If you don't get chills from Joe Kupski's final dueling guitar solo on this track, you may not have a pulse.

Overall, RevulsA may not have reinvented the wheel with "Somnolence & Dissonance", but if I may tailor and borrow a famous movie quote, "That'll do RevulsA. That'll do."


-Ed Santos, TLI- 

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