Written by A. McLain / J. Kupski


It's just you and me
Wish that you could see the way
The way you look tonight
I know it isn't right

Calm my thoughts in here
Words become so ever-clear
Where I've hoped to God
That no one figure out

Cuz thou shalt not covet
A law one can't forget
But when hands are tied
The clocks do go awry

The time is passing ever-slow again
I'll wait for you until the very end
In love
For I do go wherever you dare go, my friend
I wander into your unknown
But I'm home

Where it's just you and me
Wish that you could feel the way
The way I do tonight
Though it isn't right

So calm your thoughts and hear
A truth I would not volunteer
Unless, for you, I've died
Each day and every night

The nights I whispered
Unafraid of it
What love could do
I fell for you
I didn't know I'd have the world to weigh upon
Up on my shoulders
I've spent so much time
Contemplating just to see you again

And now I've got you here
Everything I'd be without
If I learned your heart
Should go to someone else

But thou shalt not covet
Though one can admit
That distance grows the heart
And molds it unannounced

For all our thoughts do hear
Whom our hearts can't be without
An echoing inside
I long for even now
And thou shalt not covet
For one who can't commit

But you get my eyes
Whenever you're in sight
For I know such eyes are loved
By more than mine