Like the Real Girls: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Remastered

RevulsA is proud to announce the upcoming release of a remastered Like the Real Girls to commemorate its 10th anniversary this month.  The remastered deluxe version features the original 4 tracks of Like the Real Girls digitally remastered plus remastered versions of "Rainy Day Man" and "Rings of Saturn (Unplugged)".   Like the Real Girls: 10th Anniversary Deluxe Remastered will be available exclusively on Spotify on September 14th, 2022.  


1. Rainy Day Man [Heyward, Blaisch, Benghiat] 3.15
2. Mary Annette [McLain] 1.52
3. Skylark [Kupski] 7.20
4. Court Jester [McLain] 5.28
5. Rings of Saturn (Unplugged) [Kupski] 4.21
6. Rooftop [McClelland] 5.16

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